Are all men players to some extent?


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  • A player is a guy that will do or say whatever he has to in order to get sex.

    Because that's literally THE requirement to be a player I say no most guys are not players to some extent. But I do think most people in general will lie in small ways to look like a better partner, while not lying outright about who they are or feel.

    Like a girl is most likely to lie about her sexual past and some guys she's been with. Skewing the relationship dynamic with certain guys, because she doesn't want to scare off a guy she wants now. Just like a guy is more likely to make small lies about thing like "loooving" her friends, cat or dog. Or similar interests when he doesn't really like those things much.


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  • play·er



    noun: player; plural noun: players

    1. a person taking part in a sport or game.
    2. a confident, successful man with many sexual partners.
    3. A person who plays an instrument
    4. An actor

    Not all men are any of those things. 😉 so no, I don't think all men are Players.


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  • We're all biologically wired to have sex with as many women as possible. If thats 'playing', then thats my game.

    I've been called a player by girls, and never sure if its flirting/a compliment, or a test. Im just about fucking, and yeah Im a player, but Im not there to fuck people up.

    Women are all about the money. So are all women whores?

    • So because a woman likes $ she's a whore, when in all actuality u said ur the whore, men like u give men n women both a bad name, n how do u kno that u dont fuck people up, ur a player remember

  • No some men are good men. But women assume they are players and treat them like shit. So those good guys end up alone. They see women who go out with jerks and realize they need to be a jerk to attract a woman. It's a paradox.

  • No, whoever thinks like that, is very stupid, its like saying,"If a guy been played by a hoe, then all women are sluts and hoes." No. I agree that a lot of people including men and women are into casual sex and hook ups more these days, Men were from the very beginning, but now, a lot of women are also into casual sex, maybe more than men, but that doesn't mean, all the women and men are into casual sex and hook ups, There are still some women and men who are monogamous and prefer only monogamy

  • No. The players have self esteem and self honesty issues.

    Thing is, they are the ones who really need female validation, so they tend to be the ones constantly approaching and trying to pick you up.

  • No. I think a lot of people you meet while you're "looking" for a partner might be, but certainly not all. If you're meeting partners on Tinder or in bars, you'll certainly find a disproportionate amount of players.

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  • I don’t think grouping all guys into the category as players is right nor would I like if all girls were grouped together as sluts. So no I don’t think this is true at all.

  • No. Not all men have it in their hearts to lie there way into your pants. Besides I believe a lot of players are just wounded men that don't trust women with their hearts anymore. They get that f'ck her before she f'cks me mentality. And we'll let's face it. It's not easy finding women that will just f'ck you with no strings attached so they end up lying and pretending to get them into bed.

    • Even if you're wounded, doesn't mean he's a player. It means he's just as an idiot as the woman is.

    • Lol! Did I say something that suggested that all wounded men are players? Of course not every wounded man is a player. Just that a lot players are wounded men. And yes they are idiot's for not being honest with their intentions.

  • Absolutely not. My husband is as monogamous as all get out. I fully offered him an open relationship for 10 years, and he would not go for it. I finally got him to once and he was miserable over it. Some people really are just monogamous and have no interest in playing the field. His whole family is like that, and our son inherited it. I know other men who are wired the same way.

  • I don’t think all men are players... it’s just you either haven’t met the right type of guy or the guy you have met hasn’t been willing to be all yours x

  • Not all, the ones that are simply are more likely to approach women, making it seem like they are more common.

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