Are guys good at picking up signals?

Do guys not notice the signals we send them when we like them? Or do we have to literally tell them that we like them?


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  • Guys suck at it. Stop beating around the bush and just say what you mean. Some guys will pick up on the signs, but the ones who are best at it might not be the ones you want to be with.

    Probably most guys will notice "something" but will be majorly unsure what it means, so there is a very good chance they'll just ignore it.

    Just communicate already. We have words for a reason, so use them.

    "do we have to literally tell them that we like them?"

    Yes yes yes. Seriously what the fuck? That secret cryptography shit is annoying as hell. Speak. With words. Nouns and verbs - forget the adjectives, adverbs, articles, prepositions, wink wink, playing with hair and all the rest of it.


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  • From my opinion, no they are not the best at hints. It's much easier to just tell them, saves the games and cut to the chase.

    • Yes!!! Okay guess I’m gonna have to go up to him (even tho I don’t know him) and just give him my number. And then it will be up to him because I KNOW I find him attractive and he seems like a great guy

    • It's a lot easier being direct, good luck!

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  • The more direct the better. It's how we are and what we respond to best. But also, we might notice them, but not understand them, ie, if you leave room for doubt, we'll doubt it, like you would if it was you.

    • And sometimes women are TOO subtle.

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    • Will give giving my phone number on a piece of paper be more direct? Lol

    • Yep good start lol

  • Depends what kind of "signals" you refer to. What's the stage of your interaction with the guy? If it's the early stages of passing by and looking or bumping each other in the canteen without saying anything to him, then you will need to be waiting a while until someone you like notices you might have a "sweet eye" simply by the way you hold your fork, while he eats his soup 3 tables away.
    So at this stage mentioned above, many will fail. If you are talking and interacting, then chances are definitely higher.

    I'm about 98% certain when someone likes me even the slightest. I see patterns and everything that crosses the border of the pattern to me is a clue that makes me pay more attention to that girl.
    - girl that was getting all giddy when I was close by though we never interacted before. And she wasn't like that usually. She was quiet and all. So I instantly noticed the change in her behaviour. And the only thing that was different was me being around. It was her way of saying "hey, I'm here, I'm what you need, come... whatever" ... :)

    I usually pay a lot of attention to things around me, not just girls, but everything. And managed to figure out a lot of things, to develop my intuition, my inner gut feeling, to connect the dots.

    How I did that or when I decided to do that, I have no idea. :)
    And I do realize I'm quicker at figuring out stuff and when I tell my friends random stuff I've figured out, they go "neah man, it's just your mind". But then it proves I'm right. Fuck it feels so good.

    Getting back strictly to girls showing interest. Depends on the signs as mentioned above. On the other hand I believe we all have the ability to notice to some extent, just that some lost touch with that ability. Maybe it has something to do with previous experiences as well. Some might have failed and lost hope. Or maybe some are so "politically correct" they don't want to make a judgement simply on how a girl looks at them; coupled with their inability to do the basic thing of TALKING to a girl, they rather let go and not try at all.

    I was always surrounded by girls growing up and maybe that helped me feel free around them instead of embarrassed and out of place. I remember getting a lot of attention from my bigger brother's female friends when I was 6-7-8. Later in life, started getting attention from girls around me and random girls on the street, so it was a lot of experience that added up.

    • You look smart and aware of things. Id love to have a chat with ya

  • If you make it super obvious like always making tactile connection with us, giving us compliments & so on, or just having a serious talk about how you feel about us,... that always helps to get to the main core.

    If you are just a really bubbly person & extremely super friendly & always being super nice to the guy,... than that may throw us some false signals which are the opposite of what you meant.

    • It's not a signal, so nothing false. Chicks like to have fun and smile and be happy. I let 'em, all the way down the street past me.

    • If your bubbly how are shoukd we let a guy know we like him?

  • NO. It's mind games. Signals are the stupidest thing to ever do. Just tell them. This is why women think men are dense. We can't read minds

    • So go up to him and tell him I like him orrrr give him my number? He’s always working behind a counter when I see him

    • yeah, give him your number.

  • To me. , this is the number most frustrating thing that most women do. We just aren't wired to pick up on that stuff. The staring, the games... all of that stuff usually doesn't work.
    Just indicate interest casually "hi, I've really enjoyed talking to you, let's go (insert date idea) sometime. 99.9% of guys would eat that stuff up. It rarely happens though

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  • some are and some aren't. the ones that are, are more likely to be confident, and thus more attractive.. the ones who aren't are more likely to resent the players for being more attractive, when they are just better at reading signals. lol.

  • Im subtle as a box of rocks. I just went "If we're just friends, then i should probably stop letting you kiss me like this." And "So when are we going to go on a real date?"

    • Haha I wish I had your courage. I don’t know the guy so it’s a little different. He shows me signs he likes me but I don't know for sure!!

    • Just start a conversation and slide in "Hey, Im really enjoying this conversation, but I have to go. Can I get your number so we can continue?" And then go fom there.

  • They are cluelss on signals. I had a friend who even thought a girl was giving him signals so he asked her out but got rejected and they never talk again. Might as well tell them.

    • Oh wow I can see why some guys would rather hear “hey I like you” lol

  • they are oblivious. Unless you have a note on your forehead that says "I like you!" they won't know haha

    • If we just go around acting on assumptions, we get accused of sexual harassment and not respecting women.

    • @Meninist that's if you act in a way that disrespects or sexually harasses women. Listen, there's guys that have come up to me or asked me out on a date because I was nice to them, but I was not attracted to them. Some guys mistake kindness for being interested in someone. If you ask a girl out because you think they like you, that's not sexual harassment. That's shooting your shot. :)

  • Depends on the guy, obviously. I'd say a lot can tell, but like to hear the girl say it, which I really fucking hate and find annoying.

    • Right! I find it so annoying because do I have to have a neon sign on my forehead that says “HEY I LIKE YOU , talk to me!” Lol

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    • Lmao! Ahh

    • I really fucking hate it when a girl does absolutely nothing and expects the man to make all the moves. Like do something yourself?

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