Will he come back? Why or why not?

Me and my ex broke up about 2 weeks ago. And it was the worst time to break up since our anniversary of a year (when we broke up) was a week later. He always said he loved me and that he wanted to marry me, he went up to my mom on his own will and said "i want to marry your daughter. Even at the end of it all he said "i had ment it". However the day after we broke up he said that he lost himself in the relationship and he would get better for me and his family, he then said a couple days later we should get rid of our pictures on facebook. I asked him a simple question, are you leading me on do we actually have a chance of getting together? With that he replied "i can't be with someone that talks like you do we are done bye". He blocked me and my messages and to be honest im confused. He had litterly left everything of his at my house and i left everything at his house. Will we ever get back together? Will he see he over reacted? he's pretty set guy in his ways for being 20. But every one tells me if he meant it he woulf be back, but will he be back? I really miss him... But i feel like he's fine without me. He was fine until he started working with his cousin, then his attitude changed. And i was his first girl.
Will he come back? Why or why not?
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