Do the break up or wait for the other person to?

Just wondering, but which person would you rather be?

The one to do the break up or the one to wait for the other person to do the break up?

-Usually with me, I'm the one to do the break up. I think it means that I know more about what I want than he does. Usually the guys that I dated just wanted me because I was pretty and nice. I didn't want them because of the way they treated me, their bad hobbies etc. So I did like almost all of the breakup in my relationships.

-I hear that guys usually like the girls to do the break up because the one to do the break up is the bad guy? I don't think this is true. Usually when I break up with the guy I tell him why I want to break up and I don't cheat.

Another question I want to ask is, which type of person would you rather date? the one to do the break up or the one to be broken up with?

Like the one to do the break up with is the one that has the upper hand, that's what I think.

I am with a guy who was the one who got dumped and he didn't do the dumping. This makes me think that he was the one that really didn't know what he wanted. He was the one that should have done the breaking up with! besides, she cheated on him, she treated him bad, and he still waited for her after she kicked him out he was still hoping they would get back together (for 6 months he waited)! I think this brings his appealing level to me really LOW. I wish it was higher. I keep thinking about the fact that because he was the DUMPED and not the one doing the dumping, that he has some kind of attachment to her. Although he says he would never go back to her even if he had the chance. I still feel like, he was the loser since he didn't do the dumping. She kicked him out with him pleading her to keep him even though she treated him like dirt. Does this seem to also make anyone else think he is a sore loser?

so my 2 questions are: Are you the one usually doing the dumping or are you the one usually dumped? and would you rather date someone who was the dumper? Or date someone who was dumped?

and why is this? What do you think is behind someone's reason to wait to be dumped?

My boyfriend thinks that since he waited to be dumped that he should be seen as the "good guy" when in actual I see him as the "loser" who didn't realize he had such a failure relationship, but he still wanted the failure relationship. Which one of us is right? Just wondering...
Do the break up or wait for the other person to?
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