My boyfriend of 1 year never added me on his facebook, he said that he likes to keep his relationships separate/private and does not like the drama.

My boyfriend of 1 year never added me on his facebook, he said that he likes to keep his relationships separate/private and does not like the drama. I accepted that and said that's fine. He has never really posted on there often, but recently he has. I find myself going on to his wall every now and then to see what's going on and I have noticed one girl in particular that responds to every one of his posts. (He told me about her a while back, saying that she is a friend of his and they always pick on each other. He has known her way before me) One post in particular caught my attention last night. He posted that he is going to clear his allergies by using the nedipot. She responded saying that's HOT and he said thank you. She then responded, okay smart ass, but I hope you feel better, he responded with a thank you again. His friend (guy friend) responded saying that she is hot and he should invite her over so she can bathe him. my boyfriend responded with lmfao, my hands are fine.

Now, I will admit that females do worry me, I am not a crazy jealous person, but to me that was flirting. (correct me if I'm wrong) please. He does not call me or text me as much as he used to and I hardly see him. He has a birthday coming up this weekend and he is going out with the guys Friday (I'm totally okay with that) and he said he has friends coming to stay with him from out of town. (I'm a little worried about) He said they are a married couple which makes me wonder why he would not want me around. I did not complain or say anything about it. He got really defensive and asked why I am asking who is staying (another concern)

I hate feeling this way, I just want us to be the way we were, we used to hang out on the weekends and he used to love coming over to see me and so did I. (we live in the same apartment complex)

I am 34 and he is 28 if this helps any. I love him so much and would like to remain in his life, but I don't know what I would do if he was carrying on a relationship with her (or wanting to and keeping me as an option) she lives in a different city too.

I would love to hear from the men and the ladies. Thank you all :)

guys I would love to hear from you too about this situation thank you :)


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  • He might just b flirting with her.but has no intentions of loving her. I think you should talk to him and tell him how you feel. Tell him that you miss him and you want to spend more time with him. Talk about how you feel,instead of saying your always with the guys,say I miss you and I wanna be with you 2nite,can you skip the guys.He will feel more appreciated. Guys also want space. He is private because he has friends,and he doesn't want you to think anything else,and you go crazy.

    • Okay I will do that. I will be seeing him Sunday for dinner. I can see where he might be coming from if he wants to keep me seperate from these girls, I do get a little threatened by other females, but like I said, I'm not going to go crazy lol.

      Thank You

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    • Well there are times when he doesn't want to see me too. I understand where you are coming from, it hurts so bad. I kind of hurt mine too and I think this is why he is acting this way. I overreacted to him not coming over for dinner, cause I was used to him being over everyday, so I packed his shirts he had at my place and asked him why he has been so distant. He told me that he does not want to be commited yet (he wants space). This was a month ago and since then he has been seeing me a lil

    • You see you go crazy over the small things.. he wants space..not because he dsnt like you.. its because his feelings are getting rap into you. and he dsnt want to get hurt ,so he pulls away.. I was just like you,going crazy over the small things,n now he's not in my life. so some advice to you is talk about hoe you feel w/o being so angry. appreciate him,cause when he's gone he might not ever come back,n you might really go crazy!

  • It's more like he dose not add any of his girl friends so that they don't know about each other. Less drama