Is he mad at me, why?

Long story short, this guy (He's 26, I'm 20) had been hot and cold with me for about 6months, and when I finally put my foot down and cut him off he began to "act right"... So we went on our first date, hung out, phone calls, and everything was going great... UNTIL I moved back home (about 2 hours from him) for the summer without telling him... Not thinking it was a big deal because he never said how he felt about me (THE DUDE HAD 6 MONTHS).
So I told him how we could meet in the middle one day and how I would be back in town periodically... He proceeds to say how he can't believe I didn't have the decency to tell him&to have "have a good life", so I blew it off and laughed... I'm honestly lost, he never told me his feelings he just kept gaslighting me. We talked on the phone for about 30minutes (good convo) and he hasn't reached out in one week.. Am I wrong here?
Is he mad at me, why?
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