What did he mean by this comment?

I have a huge crush on this guy. He is in his mid 30s and I am in my early 20s. We’ve been friends for a few years but we are very flirtatious towards each other. The flirting often takes a sexual turn.

I saw him this afternoon and when he said hello, he slapped my shoulder and then squeezed it in a playful way.

Fast forward to this evening, I popped out to the supermarket and I saw him. I attempted to sneak up on him to maybe tap him to make him jump as revenge for earlier. But he noticed me just as I got by him and said “be careful, I nearly hit you with this pack of ham as you came up behind me”

i started giggling and he said “I’m serious if anyone comes up behind me...” Then I said, “surely you wouldn’t do that to me!”

He then replied that he would do it to anyone who snuck up on me. Then he said these exact words “but you’re different”

Then we were squeezing each other’s shoulders and he was smiling at me and really being firm when squeezing my shoulder, asking if I’d been training today. Then I turned around and said “give me a neck rub then!” But he laughed and said walked off saying “see you soon”

But the “But you’re different” comment... does that indicate that he really likes me?


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