I’m I wasting my time or is there a spark here?

This guy I know I have a big crush on at the moment. He knows my friends so it’s a plus as sometimes they act like Cupid lol. In person it seems like he really likes me but we don’t contact each other through phone I don’t know why. I texted him Saturday and found it was me trying to keep the whole thing going but the night before that (Friday) I was out and seen him. He came over to me and he was so cute with me omg I was basically with him the whole night I smile everytime I think about Friday night.
I also walked in front of him to which he would squeeze my bum lol cheeky flirting.
When I walked out side to the smoking area (I don’t smoke it’s good fun out in the smoking area)
He was at the door and he called me over and we kissed again.
We kissed a lot he asked to kiss me because one other night like 2 weeks prior I was out and so was he and I asked him for a kiss.
He also kissed my forehead omg outside where everyone was it was so cute

So Friday night was cute and before I went home he asked for another kiss.

but now I don’t know to leave it so I don’t pester him with texts when he doesn’t want to talk.

There is is a band playing next Saturday and I assume he will be there usually he is so I feel like I’d just see him there?
I feel like he is starting to like me and I need to see him again to know?

This is would be the fourth time I would see him and each time something different happens.
first time - we met
second time- I asked him to kiss me lol
third- which was Friday he was all cute with me
fourth- hopefully next Saturday

I just don’t want to mess it up even if he has a small interest


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  • At least there is some type of attraction otherwise he wouldn't kiss you, let alone ask for one (which is quite polite of both of you). Why not text him if he is going to that band next Saturday? If he is you can ask if he would like to hang out prior or after it (go for a quick drink). That way you can chat with him in a calm setting. Going for a drink prior or afterwards is both friendly and date-like. If you want to take it slow you can ask for a friendly drink and have a proper chat with him.

    • Yeah I guess just last time I texted him I felt he didn’t want to talk so if he wanted to talk he would have texted I’m just hoping he be there next sat so I can ask him about it as I feel emotions would be seen better. I just don’t know what’s going on he is a farmer and is doing grass so I know he is busy but still

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    • Maybe 😞 I don’t know he is active on snapchat etc so it’s strange it’s the norm to text now he is 18 and I’m 19 but I’m guna asses this all in person next time I see him because if he acts the same from Friday night I’m guna say why u not talk or don’t want to? Etc

    • Fair enough. Good luck !

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