Boyfriend hasn’t texted me back for 2 days, but yet he’s been online?

we mainly talk on snapchat, and we used to chat a lot, but recently he’s been more distant. He hasn’t texted me back for 2 days, but yet, it shows he’s online and his score is going up by 20 every 30 mins or so? I’m not pushy, nor am I constantly writing him, so what gives? I have severe anxiety and this whole ignoring thing is pushing me over the edge! Especially when I can see when he’s online, and his score keeps going up so I know he’s talking to other people. He tells me I’m the most important person to him out of everyone in the whole world, but yet I don’t feel important to him. Then when he finally writes me, he says he’s been very busy.. I just don’t know anymore, this was my second chance for him because we broke up a year ago because I caught him lying to me about something I find very serious, but I believe in second chances so I gave him one and it’s going down hill already. But the minute I break up with him again, he whines about missing me and wishing we could be dating again. I just don’t understand, has this happened to anyone else? Is there something I’m not seeing? Is he possibly cheating on me? I’m so sorry for such a long thing, I’m just anxious and I’m exhausted.


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  • Don't take my work for it, but from what you have stated and the evidence that is later out on the table. It would suggest that your boyfriend is cheating. Or maybe talking to other girls. Do you guys see each other in real life or is this distant? Also if the reason that you guys broke up in the first place was because of him cheating well it is highly possible he will do it again.

    • we’re long distance at the moment, he lives in Mexico and I’m in Canada. So we haven’t officially met yet but we Skype or at least used to Skype a lot. And we didn’t break up cause he cheated, I don’t think he was cheating anyways, but we broke up cause he lied about smoking. I don’t smoke and I won’t date someone who does, (no judgement towards smokers, but I just won’t date a smoker, it’s just personal preference) and he told me he didn’t smoke, till he posted a pic on his Instagram story of him smoking and that was when I broke up with him, but again, I’m stupid and believe in second chances so here we are :/

    • Well first of all I would like to state that I'm sorry for assuming that your boyfriend was cheating on you. And I would also like to state that he may just be cheating with the fact that you guys havn't talked in a while and he seems to be ignoring you. But I suggest that you try skyping him or texting him and figure things out. I hope you the best. Feel free to talk to me or anyone if you have any further questions.

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