What would be holding him back?

So he can’t make up his mind whether or not he wants me to lose his number! He told me to stop playing games or lose his number and I asked is that what you want and he said I don’t care it up to you and I told him to question was pointed towards you so it’s your call. I asked him so what’s it going to be and he just ignored the question. What would hold a man back from telling a woman to leave him alone?


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  • I did this same with a girl i liked a lot. We couldnt date but she wanted to stay friends. Im to jealous to stay friends with a girl, i borderline love, who starts dating so i tried making her her break off the friendship to make it easier on me.

    • Did you say something after she kept asking for a leave me alone message?

    • Once but it was short lived. I knew it wasn't going to happen so i wanted to move on as soon as possible

  • Love.

    • He said he don’t care though.

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    • I been telling him to give me the lose my number text he still hasn’t replied. He still can’t tell me. I been blowing up his phone for him to tell to leave him alone. You’d think by now he would.

    • Move on girl.

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