If he chose me why won’t he stop bothering her?

My boyfriend is 31 .. his ex is 21 and I’m 23 , my current boyfriend of two months left a girl he was dating in February to be with me. He told me he complained to her about standing up to her family and she never did it and how her family didn’t even like him to begin with. Her parents didn’t like his age and felt like he was using her because she was so young. He told me the main problem he had was they would have sex but she couldn’t spend the night with him because her parents told her she couldn’t stay. He told me he told her many times and begged her to stay but she wouldn't. my boyfriend and his ex work together too.

So the last day of February he left her and ten days later we were in a relationship. He bluntly told her he met someone else and was leaving her. He told me how she was upset and tried begging for him back but he kept apologizing to her telling her he was sorry and that he still wanted to be there for her. i went through his phone. The day after he broke up with her though he texted her first saying “hey sweetie how are you doing” he initiated the conversation the next day after that too saying “hey sweetie how’s your day going so far” the week after he broke up with her she was still trying to see him and he was trying to clear his schedule to see her too from the text.

Two weeks went by and neither one of them texted each other until last Saturday he texted her first asking how she was doing she didn’t reply. I see text from him asking was she at work that particular day. today i see text from her saying she missed him and said she hoped he was doing good and he said i miss you too sweetie i hope you’re doing alright sweetie.

A few weeks ago while with my boyfriend we saw his ex in the store and they were laughing , flirting, talking abut their little inside jokes, smiling at each other, he was teasing her right behind my back. And before we left the store he tugged on her hair , looked like he wanted her attention?


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  • Context, I do this with my ex’s (though I don’t flirt, I try to stick to platonic relationships if we break up) but I’ll meet up with them and still be good friends. Also snooping through phones isn’t good, I can already tell this relationship isn’t going to go well because of both of you

    • But he’s calls her terms of endearment and he flirts with her

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    • Give it time, you’ll get some annoying prick like myself just trying to be friends, make sure you don’t push us away too much, and you’ll get a friend for life

    • Okay cool 🙂

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  • Yeah he's using you to make her jealous. Have him take you out for a nice meal and as soon as he pays the check dump him.

    • He’s using me to make her jealous?

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    • His power in the relationship. Yeah sorry that could have been written better.

    • confused with you’re answer? He asked me to be his girlfriend... what does he w At with his ex

  • Your wasting your time with this asshole, lol.

    • How do you know

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    • ok, im probably wrong about him then

    • Oh well then I’m lost

  • he's playing you like the gullible girl you are at that age. Use your head he doesn't want you.

    • He picked her over me

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