How to deal with a guy with body issues?

I'm with a guy that every time we start seeing each other he starts vocalising how he needs to "hit the gym" so he can lift me.
He is as hot as, but he still has hang ups. Recently he revealed, (which he never has before) that he hates the mini warts he has on his face which is classic of his Caribbean background.
He also has issues with his teeth. He looks amazing. He could do minor changes if he wanted.
He's gone from this How to deal with a guy with body issues?
To the guy at the front How to deal with a guy with body issues?he also hasHow to deal with a guy with body issues?

but minimally around his eyes, they look like freckles on him.
I still find him incredibly sexy.
I try to minimize his insecurities by not focusing on his looks but I know he desires his perfection. I am trying to get to the root of his insecurities but he keeps shutting me out.
I love him so much, but I'm afraid he will fall victim to "improving" his looks and go too far. More so now because he constantly checks social media and sees all these buff men and women, plucked 'n' sucked and "upgraded"!
I have no issue with him improving his looks, but I would prefer his improvements come from a place of self love to (improve) rather than insecurities (to run from something)
He previously had a problem with going to the gym, too often it took over his life, plus he lost his hair during that time.
Any advice would be really useful!


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  • Don't keep yourself from focusing on his looks, just focus on what you like about him and compliment him, that will make him feel better. Keep it honest and realistic though, don't make stuff up or emphasize his looks more than you want to.

    • When I talk to him, I try to understand him more as a person. If he is dressed nice I will say he looks good.
      But I try to compliment him more on his thoughtfulness and kindness.

  • Wait
    He is the guy at the top then put a little fat on and that is him in the front of those other guys?

    • Those are photographs from the net. As examples.
      He's stomach just isn't as defined by his form is pretty consistent because he works in construction. He wants those taught abs again which I personally feel is more pressure on himself when his stomach isn't flabby or loose it just doesn't have as much definition as it did.

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    • I've encouraged him to continue, he shared an old photo of his ripped abs so I asked him if he was reminiscing, he claimed it's his motivation.
      So I just reassured him he's not far off.

    • That's sweet

  • Therapy for him


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