Is it normal to not be affectionate with your girlfriend when introducing you to their children for the first time?

I’m currently in a relationship with a man I met off the internet. We have been dating for almost two months now. This past week I flew out to Orlando to accompany him and his two children. The entire week he has not given me a single hug or kiss. I’m wondering if it’s because of his children or not?


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  • Probably, that is a difficult situation for him.

    • I keep trying to tell myself that he wouldn’t have invited me to meet his children if he doesn’t want to be with me? Then all I think about is that he had paid $1500 extra for me to come to Disney with them and maybe he changed his mind but didn’t want to waste the money and still let me come?

  • Consider the childrens feelings and how attached are they to the idea of their parents being together.

    For two months it would not be weird at all in the presence of the kids.. but an entire week on vacation feels wrong.

    Just my opinion, i was a single father. Sorry about my English i'm trying to improve it


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