Can a guy really not be just friends with a girl he has feelings for?

It's hard to ask a question like this without sounding really arrogant, and I'm not meaning it to.

I used to hang out with this guy almost everyday due to us having a mutual really close friends.
At first I thought he didn't like me at all, because he never used to talk to me. Sometimes he wouldn't even look at me in the beginning, Then I started seeing him around, and sometimes I would see him looking at me, and because I thought I he didn't like me, I always assumed he was thinking something not very nice. So I just ignored him.

I did mention it to a friend of ours and he was like "I actually think he quite likes you. He definitely doesn't dislike you, he's just shy"

After that, because we were still hanging out quite a lot, I actually made more of an effort to talk to him and get along with him, and it took a while, but we did start getting along really well.
I remember the last time he and I got on really comfortably, it was on a Friday, and over that weekend, my ex and I got back together, and he came out with us on the Monday. After that, this guy stopped hanging out with us completely. The only time he would come in to the bar we hang out in was when I wasn't there. I used to see him actually look through the window, and if he saw me, he wouldn't come in. For months I couldn't work out what the hell I'd done wrong. I went over it and over it.
I asked that same friend eventually, and he was like "I think he's feeling a bit rejected by you" and was just like " it's not like he likes me" and he was like "he really likes you" ... and I was shocked because he'd never let on.
It's been a year now, and if I see him in the street, I we always talk, but he never hangs out with us like before, and I do miss him.
I'm not so sure he does like me, because if he did, wouldn't he want to hang out with me? I'm so confused.
Can a guy really not be just friends with a girl he has feelings for?
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