Did he use me for sex? or does he actually like me?

So I went on a first date with this guy the other day. It was the best date that I'd had in my life. It was everything that you would want. We laughed and got along really nicely. He took me to one of his favorite home-cooking restaurants and ate the parts of the meal that I didn't like. We rode the train together and he protected me from the large crowd of people. We got drinks, I can't drink so well and he knows that- but we still each had two shots of tequila. Then we went and sang stupid songs at karaoke. By this time, we realized that the last train had already left. We were in Tokyo and I live in the prefecture over, about an hour and a half by car, taking a taxi wasn't an option since it would end up costing around 150USD. We decided sharing a hotel together would be the cheapest option since neither of us lived close enough, and it was much cheaper. Around 30USD for each of us. We slept together at the hotel and I lost my virginity, but it's not like he knew that. We stayed in the room until noon the next day and then went our separate ways, before that he kissed me and told me that he would see me again soon. I believed him. We talked for a couple days since then but today something suspicious happened. I texted him "I hope everything goes well with your school." he responded. "Thanks you too, I hope you enjoy your remaining days in Japan." (I have over a month). I thought that seemed like a goodbye message so I sent another to see if he really intended to end the conversation. He did. No response came, even though he read it. Then I skipped to assumptions. Did he meet me with the intention to sleep with me? Did he take us out to drinks on purpose, knowing I can't drink well? Did he miss the train on purpose? I became very suspicious because I would have never slept with him if I thought I wouldn't meet him again, especially since it was my first time. Some friends say he may have interpreted my message wrong... Did he use me for sex?
No, he used you. You're stupid.
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Yes, he likes you. :)
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Did he use me for sex? or does he actually like me?
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