He has changed his?

We like each other.

He used to ignore me in front of his friends and only talk in private and that would happen only if I initiated the conversation. He did a certain things which hurt me but I like him so I still wanted to talk.

He kept giving me looks which is his way of making himself approachable and thats how I ve spoken to him before. But these days, I was so hesitant as I thought he didn't want to talk to me.

He got mad when I didn't approach him and ignored me completely but suddenly his attitude changed. The next time we saw each other, we had eye contact and his expression was really soft.

Then for the first time ever, he said hello to me and I smiled back and said hello too.

He also left the door open for me as I was coming when 3 weeks ago, he didn't hold it for him and had walked off which is how the whole misunderstanding started.

How did he change his attitude? Does he feel for me too considering his attitude has changed overnight.
He has changed his?
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