Am I being unreasonable, do you think he will contact?

Two nights ago we had a disagreement. He was sick and when I would suggest that he rest and take a day off to get better, he would get annoyed with me.
He told me that his friend who he saw two nights prior, wants to go shopping to buy a gift together for a mutual friend who was having a birthday on the weekend. He then told me that they are going to a shopping centre in an area that is an hour away to get this gift although we have the same store 5 minutes down the road. 5 minutes later he receives a call from his friend and tells me that plans have changed and they are not going shops tonight , they will be going the following night as the shops will be open late and they will go to our local shop.
I then told him ok great and you can now rest since your not well, and we can spend some time together.
He then told me that he was still going to go out with his friend to that same area one hour away, as his friend wants to take him and another mate out to say thank you for being there for him two nights ago when he found out his girlfriend cheated on him.
I then got upset, as I am constantly being told to be considerate that he works a lot and he is sick and thats why we can't spend quality time during the week that much. I told him that I think it's ridiculous that he is going to go out for drinks so far away when he is sick and has work early, and that he will be seeing his friend the following day so I don't think he should go.
He became defensive , and his mum started questioning why they need to even go so far for a drink. Turns out this friends ex girlfriend lives near there and his friend wants to meet up with her. I told him he needs to sort his priorities out and not go and he thought I was being controlling.
He dropped me off at home and not one word has been said to me for two days.
I am hurt and not sure If he will even try and talk to me as I feel like he should at least say something. I don't know if I am being unreasonable or what to make of his behaviour.
Am I being unreasonable, do you think he will contact?
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