Always getting turned down?

Well boyfriend 22
and I am 2 years younger
We haven't done it in a while I'm always trying and turns me down I leave it then try again the following week

Two weeks ago i made a romantic night as I've missed him and he's touch
And after it he told me her felt nervous and scared that he couldn't' preform. There is nothing wrong with him everything works fine

I decided to just grab him out of the blue. he's already hard. Im' like oo ok and he goes are you ok?
I said of cause I am I'm touching you whiling kissing his neck light licking he's ear
Then I ask do you like it he's like yeah
So I kept going and he's just ignoring me and I'm like you can say no and he's like whatever?
I said wait you want me to or not and he's like whatever
So I just let go and just stopped and he's like what's the matter
I said what's wrong with you. You'e changed we dont do it anymore whats' wrong and he's like nothing.. so I told him I wanted to be alone tonight and he's well rolled over and sleeping

I'm so cut
1 y
he's not stressed he loves he's job.. he comes home to a clean house.. I love him
Always getting turned down?
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