Having banter or being harsh?

My boyfriend told me he got offered a new job where he works the only pros in it would be he’d have more money but the cons in it would be he be traveling around the uk for a month then having a week off to see family and friends, we don’t live together right now so I was quite upset hearing about it he asked me what was wrong I didn’t say so then he said “you’d think I’d forget about you then I said well yeah in some ways that’s when he said “well you are a easy person to forget he laughed and said he was only joking it’s just banter but I didn’t find it funny, haven’t spoken much to him for 2 days now he’s been trying to contact me by texting and phoning and I’ve ignored him and telling him I’ve been out and had to put my phone on charge (the truth).

i can’t seem to shake what he said off, I know you might think I’m being a “baby” over this but it hurt my feelings and I really did think he really does like me?
Having banter or being harsh?
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