Is he not interested?

So this guy messaged me the other day out the blue and began flirting with me, basically I nearly hit him with my car & he was saying how I would have owed him big time if he did. From there it became suggestive on how I would repay him and what I could do for him. He never responded to my last message, so I left it a week and no message.

I finally reached out yesterday to get an idea if he was interested or not, basically saying it’s been a week and i still can’t think of something worthy enough for an apology.” He responded basicially saying it’s been a week and you still can’t think of something?’

Taking the leap I decided to try and see if he was interested or not as I wasn’t a 100% sure and messaged back “well I though of some things, there umm a bit innapropriate though, so not sure if they are worthy enough.” That was at like 10pm, he didn’t get back to me until this morning, even though he had been online.

Saying “lol inappropriate is key.” And that’s it, I haven’t messaged him back as I get the feeling he’s not interested but if he wasn’t, surely his answer would have been different? Do I just leave it and see if he messages me again instead?
Is he not interested?
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