How do you get over someone to avoid getting hurt?

I really like this guy we never actually introduced ourselves or talked or anything but we are following eachother on social media. I felt like he liked me I could really feel it by the way he was around me. I didn't live there and came back home

2 months later i saw him again at my cousins house he is now seeing someone else he's still following me on Instagram he recently posted with the girl he's seeing and today he added in his bio ❤ with her initial "S"

he was still talking about his ex In the beginning of April. It's now almost the End of may I think it might be turning into something since he posted and now with the "BIO" I still can't help but wonder if it will be. A REBOUND since he was talking about the Ex and bringing her up.

how do I stop thinking about him without making it weird cause I know I will see him again I know I am bound to see him post stuff on his Instagram sooner or later. What can I do to stop thinking about him or forget him. (I can't help but think he got into this relationship too quick)
How do you get over someone to avoid getting hurt?
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