Am I friendzoned (Short Question) ?

-talked to him for 3 weeks
-We sorta sext, he tells me about his day, what he's up to, who his friends are, if he's upset
-He tells me I'm important to him, never wants to lose me, attached to me, etc.

All of a sudden, he stopped texting. I texted, he looked and never replied to any. I thought he was ghosting. So I kinda sent a text communicating that I was annoyed, He gave an excuse "snapchat wasn't working" yet he posted snap stories almost everyday. I told him I'm not stupid and know when someone doesn't wanna talk. He said "Then let's just not talk then. I am how I am. I isolate myself frequently." (It upset me he'd offer to stop talking just like that) and I said I wanted to keep talking. He said that I need to understand that it's his way of coping with things. I said okay, to which he admitted to being too antisocial. He said I was a good girl. I asked how, and he said "are my friend in the very least and understand how I'm dealing with my life, etc" I asked if he was friend zoning me. He said "Friends. I would never friendzone you"
1 y
He didn't talk to me the whole day again, plus he wasn't on snapchat, so I decided to send him an attractive selfie, and he opened it in like 0.0001 seconds and said I was hot asf. I replied and said thanks with a wink but he wasn't on snapchat agian? lol
Am I friendzoned (Short Question) ?
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