Any guys here that are players... help?

There's this really cute guy in 2 of my college classes. We're both going to summer school I found out... extra credits. But a few people told me he's a real player. I thought that was funny at first cuz I thought I could easily get him. I've easily taken down a lot of players. Im pretty thicc. Brunette and 5'5. I tried wearing my nike shorts and going up to him and flirting.. watchinv his eyes. He NEVER looked down at my legs though! He totally ignored em. Usually a player will try to ignore it but can't and they'll be like😮😮😮. Not him. Next I wore my black leggings and just popped my hip out with my hand propped on my hip. I kept a poker face and asked him a question. Watched his eyes. Thats easily got so many guys too, but he IGNORED looking down and he wasn't fazed by my straight face! I was like😣😣😣... that SHOULD have got him! NO guy has ignored that before. What should I do? I know he's probably a player... but he's cute... help!
Wear the nike shorts again. That WILL get him
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Wear the black leggings again. It'll work on him
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Try looking at him flirty... head tilted a little... that'll get him
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Give up. You can't. He's too good.
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Any guys here that are players... help?
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