So confused with guy?

So I’m so confused with this guy I like & can’t work out if he’s interested or not:

the good:
1) he started the first conversation
2) he made it flirty & even suggestive
3) when I saw him he checked me out massively, by lifting his sunglasses down and everything & even smiled/laughed and waved
4) not sure if this is one, but he has been a lot more active on Facebook since we started talking, this was mainly seen when I hadn’t responded to his text.

the bad:
1) he was the one to end the first conversation
2) after a week of waiting for him to message me, I messaged him but his responses weren’t the best
3) after him checking me out yesterday when we bumped into each other he had yet to message me.

Help? I didn’t respond to his last message as there wasn’t really much to say, yet he hasn’t reached out to talk!
So confused with guy?
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