Did he use me? what should I do?

Last week we had sex, then straight after he told me how he has NOT moved on and yesterday on the phone I got upset over some girl always trying to talk to him and he said how I’m not his girl so I shouldn’t get upset and I told him how if I’m not his girl why would he sleep with me & tell me he hasn’t moved on.. he told me how he said he HAS moved on but he’s lying cos at his house he never said that. Now he’s angry cos I told him that he used me and he said he never did and at first when I came over he did just want to chill but then he remembered the times we had together which made him lose focus & keep coming onto me & have sex... then again yesterday he said he still likes me but he’s moved on from other things which I don’t understand, what should I do? (please no rude comments as I’m still quite upset)
1 y
Also does it mean that he hasn’t moved on if he still had sex with me?
Did he use me? what should I do?
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