Why was he so abrupt with me?

I have a huge crush on a guy who works in a cafe. We have a flirty relationship, the flirting sometimes gets sexual. His behaviour suggests that he fancies me. For example he always stares at me, winks, he has slapped my butt, he will randomly slap my shoulder and then squeeze it, he makes very strong eye contact.

So today I seen him and I was making conversation. I went out clubbing last night and just asked him if he went out. All I said was “oh, I didn’t see you” just cheerily pointing it out that I never seen him.

His reply was “if you didn’t see me, that’s not my problem” and he was quite abrupt. I asked him what his problem was and he said “nothing, I’m just telling you it’s not my problem”

And he stared at me, I could see a little smirk appearing. I narrowed my eyes in a jokey way and just walked out.

Help me out here, why would he be so abrupt when I only made an innocent comment?
Why was he so abrupt with me?
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