Is my boyfriend crazy?

He's very interested in Japanese culture. He even went to Japan for a few months a couple years ago with his school. I also like learning about Japanese culture, but I'm really passionate about culture in general and not just the Japanese.

Once I asked my boyfriend to watch an American vlogger in Japan with me, because I thought it'd interest him, and he refused and got visibly upset bc "I won't get to experience those things." he says he misses Japan so much, he can't watch other people enjoy it.

Fast forward 6+ months, I the youtube channel Asian Boss. They ask people on the streets of many Asian countries their opinions on topics like; food, relationships to other countries, movies, accents, kpop, style, you name it, it's asked.

I asked my boyfriend to watch this video below because I had major culture shock and thought he'd want to know about this since he's really into Japanese culture. He said yes while brushing his teeth, then when he saw it was about Japan said no. I asked why he changed his mind. He responded "I don't want to know. I'm missing out." I said "this is people on the streets, like natives..." He simply refused.

I don't understand what he's talking about? I only put the crazy bit because I wanted to grab attention and get some answers.

I kinda get not wanting to see another American having fun traveling the world, (kinda but not really) but why is he so against looking at anything set in Japan if he loves the culture and still watches anime?

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1 y
On our second movie date-we watched a Japanese movie and he broke down crying.. sobbing at the end because "it reminds me of my time in Japan"

lol can I go anon now XD

He feels like he should be in Japan right now but instead he just graduated and got a job in America. And he's upset because he thinks the Japanese companies won't hire him. And so he feels trapped here for 10 years until he can save money. So, just seeing Japan makes him upset because of longing.
Is my boyfriend crazy?
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