What does it mean when a man says this?

So this guy that I have been on and off with for 10 + years we have been spending a lot more time together lately romantically. We also have a son together, if that helps. I've mentioned to him a couple of times about getting together and being in a relationship. He tells me every time that I'm not ready for it. Or ask me why do I want to be with him when I can be with anybody else? Or says he needs to think about it we have forever. Why is that? Is that a nice way of letting me down? He has been hurt badly in the past. He is always telling me how much he loves me and how wonderful of a woman I am... What's up with him?
He doesn't want a relationship
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He is letting you down nicely
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Maybe he has trust issues
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He is weighing his options
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He will come around just give him time
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You pretty much are already in a relationship you live together and you act like you're a couple but it's not "official"
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Other please explain
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1 y
We do have children together
What does it mean when a man says this?
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