Guy I like heart reacts this girls photos on fb?

So there is this guy who I’ve started to gain feelings for. Reasons why is he made me feel wanted and he showed an interest in me. I’m 19 and he is 18

He texted a month ago saying I needa see you again be cute and all that.

I went out three weeks ago and we were all over eachtother. I don’t know if he was using me or was being genuine. It was cute he kissed my forehead and all.

But it now I haven’t heard from him since that night and he has heart reacted this girls photos. He first heart reacted her profile picture. This was done before I seen him out and he was all over me.

He then hen last week heart reacted another photo of her and her friend.

I dont know if they have a thing as many other guys have heart reacted her photos aswell it’s not just him.

I just just feel like I’ve lost my chance of having anything more than just a kiss😢

im trying so hard to forget about him but it’s so hard as I think about him all the time
Guy I like heart reacts this girls photos on fb?
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