Why is this jerk being nice all of a sudden?

I'm a sophomore, and this senior who practically bullied me is suddenly being nice. He would always tell me to "shut up" whenever I spoke, or he'd make fun of anything that I would do. At one point in time, he even got his friends to bother me. I didn't even know them, but they knew my name, so I know he told them to do it. At the beginning of the school year he tried to sleep with me, besides being so cruel. I mean... When he wasn't around his friends, he seemed shy. I would say "Hi', he'd wave. But, when he was with his friends, completely different person.

But now, he's overly nice. I don't know whats going on. He smiles at me A LOT. Like we'll be sitting next to each other, then i'll turn around, and we make eye contact, then we just smile at each other. It's weird. We have a mutual friend, so we've all been hanging out for the past couple weeks. He lets me get in his car, i've gone to his house. This is abnormal. And his friend (mutual) wants us all to go to the pool this week... wtf. She always wants me to talk to him too, or touch him. ugggh, so confused.
Why is this jerk being nice all of a sudden?
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