boyfriend is controlling my behaviour?

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Today while hanging we got into a small argument nothing big. My boyfriend was constantly repeating the same thing over and over and over until I got frustrated in the end where i told him to stop and I sort of grabbed MY head with my hands telling him to stop. Kinda like a monkey lol. I didn't realize I acted this way but i was extremely annoyed and frustrated and I had to get home as my mom was waiting for me. He got really disgusted and turned off fron me acting this way. And he told me i was acting like a chimp and how he doesn't want to marry a woman thay acts this way. He said this time he will let my behaviour slide by but the nexy time I do it he won't stick around. This really hurt my feelings because it feels like he is trying to control how i act. I know grabbing my head and telling him I understood his point was slightly weird but is it ok for him to tell never to act this awau again?

Anyways I tried talking to him about it and how i felt super controlled and how he shouldn't be threatening me to leave but he should have told me nicely that he didn't like my behaviour and he said that I was acting like a chimp and that he is going upfront about what he wants. He doesn't want a wife that acts thus way. We went back and forth and then he broke up with me saying in going to regret it and how i am wrong.

Am i in the wrong here? I feel disrespected.
boyfriend is controlling my behaviour?
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