Platonic, minorly interested, or definitely interested?

If you knew that your close female friend was traumatized sexually and that she was scared about having her first consensual time with a romantic partner because its too much stress to add the romantic element on top of the ptsd while naked and vulnerable and scared as fuck.. would you be willing to walk her through it and be there for her emotionally more than anything during, before, and after fucking her? Would you do it if you saw her from a purely platonic perspective, or would you have to have an element of romantic leaning type feelings for her? Because that's what I'm going through right now. And I want to make sure I'm not confused. Because he said that he's attracted to me but that he's not looking for a relationship right now and we don't have romantic chemistry. But then he also checks up on me constantly and we talk every day and he's been there for me through an abusive partner and he's been there for me during everything regarding my obtain spazzing out about the rape. When we first met we hooked up but i was nervous cuz it was going to be my first time and he stopped immediately and instead went down on me a little before kissing me and snuggling me a bit and turning on the tv and didn't try anything with me the rest of the night. So I'm just wondering if every guy would be willing to fuck his close girl friend and be there for her in such an observational, overly invested, extremely intimate, defenseless type of way that is vulnerable as fuck a thousand times more vulnerable than just basic animalistic sex. Could you partake in something that severe without having interest in the girl? Is it safe to say it is platonic as hell, or should I be concerned that he might have some level of hidden genuine interest in me of a romantic type leaning form? Thoughts? Please take the poll and explain your answer below. Thank you.
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Platonic, minorly interested, or definitely interested?
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