He says he doesn’t like me but flirts all the time, what should I do?

so me and this guy have been really good friends for around a year and a half, he says he doesn’t have a crush on me but he constantly flirts with me. we hit it off from day one, the first time we ever spent time together (which was a day after we met) we cuddled in his front yard and looked at the stars and talked until around 2am. and he does this weird thing where he licks my face. (strange ik) and he’s always done that, and he thinks it’s the best thing to bite my neck and collar bone and leave bruises and he’s left hickeys a few times. another thing is, i’ve told him to not bite my neck and such because it turns me on and he just laughed about it and does it anyways. we have a great friendship and he plays with my hair and cuddles me and i do the same to him but he said he doesn’t like me, i just find it strange he does all this and flirts with me all the time if he doesn’t like me. but i do think it might be because of his dad, his dad told him he’s not aloud to date anyone under 16 after he turned 16 and he’s now 17 and i’m turning 16 next year. i just don’t know what to do, i have such hard feelings for him and he acts like he does me too but i just don’t know what to do :(
talk to him about it?
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just stay friends
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He says he doesn’t like me but flirts all the time, what should I do?
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