Why did he block me everywhere except Snapchat?

In my previous questions I had thought that my guy friend had blocked me from everything after a huge argument a few weeks ago. For the first time I checked if I was still blocked and on instagram I still am, I’m not sure if my number is still but I typed his username in on Snapchat and it came up. Either he never blocked me there or he later unblocked me.

The “remove friend” option is right on top of “block user” on Snapchat. He chose not to block me but only unfriend me. Is there any reasons for that? I’m thinking maybe he didn’t want to cut off all communication over anger and maybe he still wants a way to contact me when things cool off?
1 y
I find it odd because if anything, snapchat would be the best place to block me because we always use to talk there instead of text.
Why did he block me everywhere except Snapchat?
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