Guys, How do I stop my ex from contacting me?

So excuse the long winded back sorry but it's important to give you all the background to my situation.

I dated a guy for nearly 10 years on and off, an ex colleague who lived some distance away. We were both divorced (or so I thought) and I never had any reason to doubt him. We were in contact 24-7, I saw him at weekends and weeknights, we went on holidays etc. You can probably guess what happens next: I went to a work reunion a couple of years ago, one that he couldn't make, and found out that not only had he got back together with his wife some years previously but they were happily planning their 20 year wedding anniversary the following month!

Needless to say I dumped him that night but someone at the reunion told his wife. He was forgiven and I was the pariah. I could have waded in with all the deception and told my side but decided to walk away and said nothing. One thing I did do though was to tell him never to contact me again (of course).

He was blocked and deleted from every avenue of contact but fast foward 6 months later and he tracked me down and got in touch via email. Again I told him to "do one" but the messages kept on coming so I told him if he persisted in contacting me I would forward the messages to his wife.

That worked for a while but then last summer the messages started up again,, including d**k pics, this time to my work email account. I thought I'd blocked him but in order to do so I needed to get IT involved and not wanting to tell them my business and knowing they'd probably see what he was sending, (I was embarrassed) I warned him again that the next message he sent would be forwarded to his wife. If he was ignoring my wishes for no contact then maybe she'd be able to reign him in.

So, this week, yet another message appears from him! Should I carry forward with my threat of sending it to his wife? Is he contacting me because he knows or thinks I won't?
Guys, How do I stop my ex from contacting me?
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