I need love life help?

So this guy, that I kind of like, claims he likes my best friend. But he has been doing these things to me:
1. Annoying me
2. Laughing at me
3. Laughing at my jokes
4. Looking in my direction when I look at him
5. Even smiling at me
He was quite serious about liking my best friend. He even told her. And he is sad that she can't be with him.
And he has been doing all these things to me? What does it mean? Why has is he been doing this too me?
Also: He used to stare at me at the start of the school year
Even my best friend said it was kinda obvious that he liked me
Ps: he said to my best friend on text, that he likes her, but not me.
What does this mean. Help!
I need love life help?
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