Boyfriend will point out other girls but never compliments or wants to do social things with me?

Me and my boyfriend are both 18. Weve been together 3 years (i know were young) and for the most part its been great.

For a few months now, he's been pointing out pretty random girls on the street to me which i dont mind (e. g look at her arse, i bet she's pretty from the front, she's pretty) but then he never compliments me. Like he did in the first 6 months of our relationship but since then nothing. Even when i make an effort to dress up or do something different with my hair i get nothing.

I dont want to talk to him about it because hell just say im trying to fish for compliments and if he does start doing it ill feel like its forced but its starting to make me feel insecure and like im not good enough for him.

The second issue is, since we both turned 18 i was expecting that wed go out into town and stuff night clubs etc, but I've asked and he has no interested in going with me at all. He just uncomfortably says no. However he will go with his friends and is even going with his female cousin who is the same age. there's this awards thing that i have to go to for college and i asked him to come and he said he rather not i said he can come for the drinks part after and he still said no (fair enough he's an awkward person and shy but still hurts he doesn't want to be there with me)

i even suggested going to a theme park or something but he's going on holiday with his friends soon (he keeps asking if he can do minor stuff there like touch a girls bum or boobs but this is a separate issue completely) and said hed rather spend the money on that and when i asked about after he said he wants to save his money for a festival ticket (which he is going to with his friends) and MAYBE we can go after. Whenever i see him we always do the same thing which is go on walks or stay in and go get food.

Am i being paranoid? are all boys like this? should i be concerned? whys he being like this?
Boyfriend will point out other girls but never compliments or wants to do social things with me?
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