Why does he laugh even if I say nothing funny?

I don't talk very much to my crush, I am quite shy with him.
But when we talk together (short discussions) he often laughs, even when I say nothing funny! Or when I talk with our friends in common he laughs at what I say and sometimes smiles when we both talk

There is a concrete example:
Yesterday he asked me "So you finish school at 6 today?" (Because I had an unexpected class) and I forgot so I was surprised and said "Oh no!!! I totally forgot", he laughed quietly, then I said something such as "Oh snap but maybe I'll finish before 6" then he laughed quietly even more while blushing a little and lowering his head down. I stared at him because 1) his smile and laugh didn't seem fake, his eyes were wrinkled at the corner and 2) I didn't understand his reaction because what I said wasn't funny at all. My reaction was completely normal haha

I completely melted because of his cuteness to the extent it was painful lmao
No but seriously my crush laughs often at what I say
Is it something a guy does when he likes a girl? Or just wants to be his friend?
Why does he laugh even if I say nothing funny?
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