Guy I like and used to talk to blocked me on snapchat?

i used to talk to this guy in my year on snapchat and he showed signs he liked me with what he said and did. He would complement me, always ask what im doing and we were just always talking ! He would also like put ‘xx’ and be flirty. I knew that he talked to heaps of girls so i ended talking to him for the 1st time to protect my feelings (unfollowed him on instagram and facebook but not on snapchat). after about 3 days he told me he wanted to talk to me again and i started to like him. i ended talking to him for the 2nd after about 6 months because i wanted to focus on school as i am in my last yeat. After we stopped snapchatting, it got weird between us ! we didn't talk anymore but we would like always catch each others eye and he would like try impress me. I missed talking to him and I wanted to see if he actually liked me so I tried to make him jealous by posting photos of my family friend who he might of thought was my boyfriend to see if he would talk to me again... did not work, very bad idea 😭! About 10 months of all this, i thought he hated me, so i asked him and he said ‘no its all good’. So i felt better that he didn't hate me and we were just friends. About 3 days later i find out he blocked me! I am not sure why? 😢 I have been blocked since January of this year. He currently is not dating and does not have a girlfriend.
(we are both 17)
Guy I like and used to talk to blocked me on snapchat?
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