Was he insensitive or a very selfish man to stay away?

I was talking to my boyfriend in bed. Both laying down. At one point I sat up.
He told me to not sit, it would make a den. Since its a new expensive mattress. He had it for years not using it. It was just "standing on" one side of his bedroom". I told him a few months back i will take it if he doesn't want it because I moved into a new apt. He didn't want to give it to me saying its too difficult to move/ship/transport it to me.
Of course, next thing I found out, he got rid of the old mattress and using the new one that he make so many excuses of giving it to me...

Now he is telling me to not sit on it. I felt he value materialistic things over my feelings.
1 y
thats healthy right... and a very nice role model to look up to...
but when a guy who have never had experience in the dating department, he is trying to pls. a woman, he will try to pls her and change for her and do almost anyting for her. he wouldn't undersatnd he wasn't getting anyting in return and to accept what he was getting.
he had bad training from a woman he was in love... he did things thats not normal.. when staying in an unrequited love, what do you think would do to an individual?
Was he insensitive or a very selfish man to stay away?
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