Hey Guys What Style Of Razor Do You Use To Shave?

Staying at my new girlfriends parents house all this weekend to attend her Aunties Wedding.

After returning from the Barbers Shop yesterday her Father made her four brothers and myself shave ready to go to the wedding. As my Girlfriends Father & her brothers all use
their shared families Cut Throat Razor
for shaving, and I had never used one
before her father sat me in a chair &
shaved me himself.

At first I was shaking with nervousness but once he started and the family walked around the kitchen and were talking to us as if nothing
was different I became completely relaxed.
I actually enjoyed it and he was so good at
shaving me. I have never had such a
smooth shave all the last couple of
years I have had to shave.

This morning her Father woke me earlier than the other boys. In our Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns he walked me into the bathroom and with the boiling water, cut throat razor, razor strap etc ready he proceeded to give me a lesson in shaving the old fashioned way.

Well by the end of my shaving, even with a fair few self inflicted cuts (which the Styptic Pencil Stopped Bleeding After Causing An Almighty Sting) I once again had another extremely smooth shave, this time with my hands.

I walked from that Bathroom into the kitchen feeling so proud & with a smile you could not remove to Mother & the 4 Brothers and 3 Sisters all eating breakfast.

As Father announced to the entire Family what had just occurred and I saw their reactions I knew I was now part of the family.

I am now a convert to shaving with a Cut Throat
Razor and have disciplined myself to never return to Twin Blade Razor Shaving.


As it is still very new to me I am still wondering if I am weird falling in love with using The Cut Throat Razor?

Do many Men or 18 year old boys my age use a Cut Throat Razor to shave?
Hey Guys What Style Of Razor Do You Use To Shave?
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