Why did my boyfriend do this?

I've been dating this guy now for 4 months and we have been having big arguments lately because he's extremely self obsorbed and selfish with himself & life to the point i only see him at 9pm at night after the gym & he only leaves 10 minutes of his day to spend with me for sex.
And he doesn't ask if im home or safe from work or how my day has been when he sees me and when i cried about that top him he got angry and through it back in my face saying how i made him feel & didn't even say sorry. He never shows empathy always turns everything around on me like its my fault. He never thinks of me or is thoughtful or goes out of his way for me ever.

So the other night we have a fight and i rang a free counselor to get advice and found two days later on his phone he recorded my whole conversation! What the hell! I know he texted his mum and got her involved but is he keeping it for like evidence or something? Is this guy a narcissist?
Why did my boyfriend do this?
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