Do I do something wrong or I am just unlucky with relationships?

I have a very good relationship with my ex. He was my first and I loved him a lot. We spent really a lot of beautiful moments together. And of course we argued sometimes but who doesn't. But at the end he broke up with me saying that he is not ready for a relationship because he wants to focus on himself and his success. He said that I am amazing girlfriend but just the time is not right for us. It was painful for me to let him go, but I had to respect his decision. Today we are still friends and talking from time to time. He had no any girl after.

Now, after some time after my first breakup, I met a new amazing guy. We clicked very fast and we felt just comfortable with each other as if we knew for a very long time. We spent a good time together. But lately he told me that he is not ready for any relationship rn. That not long time ago his ex girlfriend broke up with him and now he needs a time for himself. He told me that I am great and deserve the best and maybe if the time was right, we could be together but not now. He doesn't meet with any other girl.

Am I doing something wrong? Or I am just unlucky? If I was as amazing as they are saying, I think they wouldn't just let me go... but I totally don't know what I should do about it.
Do I do something wrong or I am just unlucky with relationships?
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