Does he like me or does he want my body?

Key points
He's been pursuing me for a while
Said he promised not to fall for an Asian girl but he fell for me because I was different (usually European is his type
He says he really likes me, finds me attractive, got a good body, wonderful personality, said he fell for me the last time we met and he should have told me straight then but was nervous because he did not want to mess things uP
He asked me out on a date
Said he is going to kiss me on my birthday
He knows I won't have sex before marriage and is fine with that
He seems genuine, like he even apologised if he replied late and tell me why and he
always messages me first, I do not chase, he does
He knows I have a crush on him too now but we both said we should first focus on ourselves
He got out in a relationship just 2 weeks ago...
Does he like me or does he want my body?
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