Is there any connection or spark here?

I have a crush on this guy who is 18 and I’m 19. The age doesn’t matter I just don’t know if this is going to go anywhere in future or am I wasting my time.

this guy has shown interest in me before by messaging me need to see you again etc. I have kissed him.

The last time I seen him out was nearly 4 weeks ago where he was all over me and it was v cute.
Kissed me all night when he seen me. Don’t know was it because I was the only girl there he liked. I was at a barn dance.

I texted him the day after but got the impression he was like pff whatever.

So so I didn’t contact him since nor has he contacted me.

However we matched on Tinder last night?

Should i forget about him
Is there any connection or spark here?
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