Why are middle eastern men so creepy?

So my friend told me about the job offer that has quite high income in a very big company and job seemed to be interesting too. I would be a good fit.

It was Sunday and my friend told me the owner wanted to meet me very soon. He called me on Sunday and invited me in cafe so we would discuss details about the job. He is a 27 years old guy from Dubai. All day he acted weird. Like in cafe he told me about his personal life and I listened out of politeness. Then he said how people think life is easy when you are that rich but that he still doesn’t feel happy enough and that he wants to find a love. WTF 😂

Then when I tried to change subject about the job again, he seemed not that interested in my qualifications and talked about his life all the time.

Then today he called me and asked to meet me in the office , because he had something very important to tell me. Well I know I am stupid but I really hoped he’d talk about the job today and that the other day he wasn’t like himself. Plus I really need a job so I went.

He talked to me about love, then went crazy when I didn’t answer his messages roght away, my phone is cracked and doesn’t work well, so I told him that was the reason. He told me he’s gonna buy me a new phone and If I say “No” he will never talk to me again.
Then he talked about how he feels happy and relaxed by my side and how he feels like I am not like other girls. And how he feels secure to open his heart to me. Wtf again? 😂😂😂😂

I told him “No” about the phone and smiled awkwardly all evening, then r insisted he would drive me to home, that I agreed, because my home is far and It was raining. He sang me love songs during driving and then asked me to take me at the cafe. I said no. I am going to tell him I turned down the job offer, tomorrow. But why, just why. Why would he be that creepy and unprofessional?
Why are middle eastern men so creepy?
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