Insecurity and attractiveness, how does it work?

I am a 20 year old male who has been a shy and introverted person most of his life, hasn't had much luck with girls and feels most of the time like he is not good enough whether it is looks or personality.

The last couple of year I have been working on improving myself, to become more charismatic, attractive and generally a better person altogether. I feel like I have come a long way even my friends noticed it and said I'm doing a good job and that I have changed for the better (even though there is still things I can improve upon). I am having a bit more luck with women but not enough.

Even though I felt ugly the most part of my life I have known a lot of girls who thought I was attractive and have said this to me, they even said that I only needed to be more confident. The thing is no matter how many people say this to me I still feel like they are lying.

When I get close to a girl I feel like its always the same type of girl, both of my crushes who I have known in different parts of my life have the same characteristics and looks. The problem is I can only get close to these type of girls (propably because I feel comfortable enough around them).

I am trying the beat my insecurities and socialize with a wide range of women but I am struggling. I feel like the only thing holding me back is my teeth (propably the source of my insecurity). I decided to fix this with braces and I feel like I will be more confident after the braces are gone (but also afraid I will be the same insecure guy).

My question: How do I become confident enough to talk to any girl I want? (don't say workout, I am already doing that)

Ps: Moral of the story, good looks alone doesn't give you confidence.
Insecurity and attractiveness, how does it work?
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