Why did he friend zone me?

I’ve known him for about 3-4 years, we had a crush on each other and never admitted to it until this year, he finally got the chance to take me out, and it hands down was the best date of my life, then we started hanging out more and he would make a point to talk to me everyday and opened up to me about stuff he doesn’t normally share with anyone, three months went by and eventually he made a move and we started having sex and getting more serious or so I thought, then he ended up getting fired from his job, and was really depressed and I had not seen him in a couple weeks, I got a little drunk and asked to see him and he said he would and then he ended up ignoring my messages for a week (i only sent one through the entire week) then after a week went by I put my feelings on the table, he replied and said he was ready for a relationship, and that he went around it the wrong way by Ignoring me, then he went on with how he can’t trust and thinks he’s meant to be alone, I told him I’d move on I guess, then he said he still wanted to be friends because I’m the only person he really can talk to, then he went back to messaging me like normal and even asked when we were kicking it next.

I really truly care about him and the conversations and way we are with each other is unreal, I can’t lose him, and I’m gonna remain friends, but will he ever go back to having romantic feelings for me?
Why did he friend zone me?
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