Does he like me or did he just flirt?

So I was hanging with some people about a few days and this guy comes back to mind. He is a guy I don`t know very well from before, but we go to the same school.

We met during a get together. My other friends were drinking, including him, but not much at all. Through the night he would call me "queen", ask me what my plans were, showing great interest, complimenting my house of card skills, copying my dance moves and joked by trying to push me in the water where we were hanging out. By the end of the night I walked alone to the place where my dad was going to pick me up, and he followed, saying I didn't deserve to walk alone or something like that. He said I was a part of the group etc.. He didn't act drunk or anything like that. What do you think? He wanted to get together another time.
Does he like me or did he just flirt?
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