Am I Overreacting?

I have a friend with benefits. Things have always been on and off between us, but he always makes the first move to start talking to me again. Just recently we started talking again and he added me on Snap and I decided to friend him on Facebook (he added me before, but I deleted him after an argument). I checked his story and he was partying with some guy friends and some girls and he also hasn't accepted my friend request yet (it's been about 10 hours and we're in different time zones so I'm not too upset about that). I realize that we're not together, but at the same time I don't feel comfortable thinking that he's hooking up with those other girls and me feeling like a backup. The main reason I'm uncomfortable with this is because I feel that he's trying to make things deeper (i. e. always texting to see how I'm doing and always initiating contact if we haven't talked for while) and I would like to see where that goes, but not if I don't trust him. Am I overreacting by worrying about him not accepting my request and thinking that he's possibly hooking up with other people while he's away?
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Am I Overreacting?
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